7 Business Startup Ideas – No Excuses!

Startup BusinessIf you’re really motivated to start a business and you’re willing to take the risk, step a foot inside the business world and compete with thousands of businessmen all the while keeping your business growing—then you have the guts to be an entrepreneur. However, before jumping right off the bat, you have to think of a brilliant idea to start your business first. Something that would guarantee profit and will suit to the demands of people nowadays all the while keeping low capital as much as possible. Below is a list of 7 awesome ideas for startup business.


Of course, everyone must be good at something. And everyone needs consultation if they ever wanted to master a certain field. This is a very good business idea because it will never run out in time. Using the knowledge that you’ve gain, plus points if you have the experience and skills, you can create a business about consultation. Be it accounting, communication skills and so on. There are a number of channels you can also go through nowadays, even consulting for a specific marketing channel, aka an amazon sales consultant!

Commercial cleaning services

Commercial cleaning is in demand nowadays especially condominiums, strata complex and even office buildings needed a team of professional cleaners to visit their place every now and then. It would require a little capital for the equipment and then you can hire employers and build a team to start your business.

Homemade foods

If you’re good at cooking, then make use of it and start a business. You can rent a commercial kitchen and offer delicacies according to your speciality. Not everyone is good at cooking and there will always be someone who would look for catering especially if there is a birthday party or an event.

Green consulting

If you are an environmentalist then you most probably some knowledge about recycling and making use of what others see as garbage. Many companies opt to be ‘green’ but don’t have any idea how to do it. You could offer consultation and services that would help them.

Online research

Lawyers and other corporate personnel would most likely need some academic reference to get answers for a research or something. If you are good at writing, researching then build a team that has the same ability and start looking for clients who may need your services. It’s very unlikely but it’s highly in demand in the market today.

Meditation studio

More and more people want to engage in meditation today. You can simply rent a commercial space and then hire a meditation teacher to conduct meditation classes and advertise your business for some potential clients around. Keeping them in numbers would ensure regular profit and would eventually help your business grow as more people would get to know and hear your services that they may want to avail of.


Drop Shipping

This is a relatively new concept that I recently added to this post because it is just very very effective at generating good 6 or even 7 figure per year businesses. We work with a dropshipping store called KitSeek, this is a website that provides unique gifts to people all over the world. They market their products on Google and Facebook and then people who checkout are sent products from a different website directly.

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