Marketing 101 for Small Businesses

Marketing 101When you start a business or whether you’ve been going for a long time one thing is clear, making sales / gaining clients helps drastically, and in many cases solves a number of other business issues. There’s even Ebay and Amazon marketing for businesses to consider nowadays too. Marketing to make these sales is somewhere¬†that many small businesses go wrong. We posted on one of the UK’s largest business forum what they struggled with from a marketing point of view and a couple of people got back to us, we’d like to outline what they said and how we would recommend solving these issues. Feel free to do whatever you like with this advice but remember action of some sort is always better than taking no action at all!

Gareth from

Being a locksmith we have a variety of different clients, most of whom don’t want anything to do with you unless they are trapped outside their house in the middle of the night, then all they do is search in Google “Emergency locksmith” in their local area and click on one of the results. Luckily we realised this and have recently worked on our search engine optimisation to begin to rank higher in Google for these search terms.

Gareth pretty much summed up smart small business marketing here, locksmiths are not a pretty industry, there is no point doing social media ads or print advertising, as when a customer needs them, they won’t be searching Facebook or reading a magazine and suddenly realise they need a locksmith! Instead almost 100% of their energy and marketing budget should go into ranking highly in Google, this is a solid strategy for most businesses as Google is the modern day yellow pages.

Anonymous business owner.

We had an issue of a legal nature after having a number of clients straight up not pay us. This lead to an interesting decision, do we utilise our funds on taking legal action against these people, or should we try and invest in smart marketing methods and overcome this. We decided to go with the latter and haven’t looked back, through a mix of print advertising and direct mail marketing we managed to recoup our losses in a little over 3 months, whereas a court case would have taken well over a year, probably longer.

This is an interesting point but one I think most business people have had, what do you do when you’ve been screwed? I think the business owner featured above made the right decision, he decided to use this fuel and anger to go out and sort their marketing, making more new clients and sales in the process. Pro-active marketing is so much better than trying to recoup a loss, which might lead to your business going backwards anyway! Stay positive and keep moving forward.

So that’s 2 very different industries and marketing types, but the results were positive although the actions very different. Remember that there are 100s of marketing types and utilising just 1 or 2 from that list might be the different between success and failure in your business. Remember to start slow and on a low budget and if it works then simply scale it up!

Thanks for reading.

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