First Time Buyers Exploring Alternatives in Financing

Being a first-time buyer is a huge step forward, but it’s also becoming extremely difficult for many with the rising house prices once again and the higher mortgage deposits now often required. There are plenty of tips around for the best ways to arrange and loan or arrange a new mortgage agreement, but it has also become just as important to many to have alternative options in finance in order to help take the first big step, and there are certainly a huge number of options available in the digital era – but which are the most common, and the most likely to succeed in helping you reach your first time buyer goal?

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Crypto has become a 2020’s answer – Perhaps the biggest change heading into the new decade has been within the success found in crypto – whilst the groundwork was starting a few years ago around 2017/2018, crypto as a whole is certainly now a mainstream choice that many have taken. The recent move for the Coinbase market going public and being valued extremely high shows just how many changes has occurred, and with the biggest coins like Bitcoin surpassing $60,000, it shows no signs of slowing down. Emerging markets this year have also shown a potential future, although the NFT market is a bit of a clumsy one currently, there’s a lot of money already involved – with such high rates of return too, this has been a great financial alternative to many, and first-time buyers who have been involved early are finding just how far their early success can take them.

Exploring the retail trading market – The other big change through the start of this year has been within the retail trading market – the start of the year saw a Reddit community band together with a strategy used by Wall Street for years in order to change the fortunes of a few companies such as Game Stop and all of the drama that followed. Much like playing the big betting sites not on Gamstop found at, it is all a bit of a gamble with no guarantee of success as many had found out, but a bit of grit and the willingness to hold on a little longer has certainly paid off for many. There’s more attention now on the retail trading market than ever before, and with content being produced from experts and amateurs alike, may provide first-time buyers with a different way to finance their way forward.

Whilst it does seem a bit strange to rely on these higher risk options, it seems many feel they have no choice – but as the risk is changing for some and a reliable pay-out is becoming more reliable, they’re certainly worth exploring, even if only to see how they work.