Housing Alternatives for First Time Buyers

Getting on to the housing ladders as a first-time buyer is certainly becoming more difficult as house prices around the world continue to go up, as well as the cost for first time mortgages. Despite the growing number of schemes set out to help first time buyers too, many suggest it may not be enough to keep up with the rate of change – there are plenty of financial tips out there to get you on the ladder from taking advantage of government schemes and taking advantage of low interest loans and the like through to more unrealistic options like winning big in lottery or online gaming like this list at the best casinos too – but there are other options available too that first time buyers have begun to explore too.

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A shift to van life – Many before has explored the option to convert a van into a new home, particularly those that are living life on the road and with a major shift towards remote working opportunities and the ability to now travel whilst working, living in a modern converted van doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. There’s the obvious cost of buying the van and converting it, and certainly isn’t like living in your own home or apartment, but if you’re looking for something a little more flexible it is something that many before having recommended especially if it fits in with your own particular lifestyle too.

A life in a tiny house – Tiny houses have certainly become a trend in their own, whether they’re one built by your own hands using materials like shipping containers or pre-fabricated frames on trailers for example. The smaller footprints certainly help with cost, and it adds plenty of adaptability to the home too if you’re willing to try it out – whilst prices are still relatively low, as it is a growing trend you may still end up paying a small premium for one, but considerable savings can be found if you’re willing to spend the time to build your own tiny house.

House and Narrow Boats – If you like the idea of being a little more mobile in your home but are looking for something more spacious than a van, house boats have become increasingly popular and are something that have been around for a long time in countries like the UK and the Netherlands with the vast canal networks. Some can certainly be expensive, hitting the six digits with ongoing costs too, but can be a fraction of the cost of a home or an apartment if you know what to look and can serve as a great investment with better financing options too.

It’s certainly a tough choice either way, but with housing seemingly showing no signs of getting cheaper, first time buyers may have fewer choice than to explore alternative options.